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Hi there. This is actually an out of date older version of this page, but we have left it online because a lot of search engine traffic goes here. Feel free to use this page, but all of these mixes PLUS MANY MORE NEWER ONES can now be downloaded from the new mp3 music download page on the new Young Punx site.

Alternate mixes

Juice and Gin (Riva Starr Remix)
Our collaboration with Southern Fried's Riva Starr creates an electro-acid fidget anthem with monstrous ragga vocals from Yolanda.

Download mp3 (8.45MB)

MASHitUP (Shir Khan Remix)
Berlin Battery’s Shir Khan is undoubtedly one of the finest German DJ / Producers to have emerged in recent years and underlines exactly why he deserves the hype with this mash-up of electro house style leads, distorted e-guitar solos, baile funk drum rolls and a shuffled groove. All in all a massive record already singled out by Pete Tong for inclusion in his Fast Trax Show ­ “Totally rocking remix!”

Download mp3 (14MB)

NEW - Your music is killing me (Don Diablo Remix)
Title track of The Young Punx debut album, trashed up and smashed up by the Dutch master, Don Diablo.

Download mp3 (12.3MB)

Fire (Phonat Remix - web version)
Fire - reworked, chopped, cut and reworked as a glitchy electro pop monster.

Download mp3 (9MB)

Rockall (Medcab Remix)
The Young Punx shipping forecast sampling anthem stripped back to bare bones funky minimal electro - but still as mad as ever.

Download mp3 (11MB)

Wake up, make up, bring it up, shake up (John B Remix)
John B gives The Young Punx hallmark punkstep sound a Drum and Bass make-over.

Download mp3 (15MB)

Dance with someone else (vocal edit)
Massive french sounding tech house pop party monster. Big Ibiza tune. A favourite with Judge Jules, Ali B, Annie Nightingale and more.

Download mp3 (5.1MB)

Dance with someone else (Phunk Investigation Club Mix)
Woaah. By massive demand we are making available the immensely funky house remix of Dance With Someone Else by Phunk Investigation.

Download mp3 (13 MB)

Dance with someone else (Deep Dark Dub)
Epic dark tough tech builder. A cult favourite.

Download mp3 (13MB)
B sides, demos, rarities and mashups
  The Clapping Song (feat. Laura Kidd, Guthrie Govan and Phonat)
The Young Punx cover version of The Belle Stars 1982 cover of Shirley Ellis! Produced for the excellent Buffet Libre "Rewind 2" covers project.

- download mp3 (9MB)

  Lola's Ghost
Deadmau5 "Ghosts N Stuff" VS Shapeshifters "Lola's Theme", or more accurately VS Johnnie Taylor "What about my love".

- download mp3 (9MB)

  Ghosts vs Ghouls
Special halloween mashup of Japan's "Ghosts" with Luke Solomon "Ghouls (Claude Von Stroke Mix)" as part of The Young Punx Halloween '08 guest mix for BBC Radio One.

- download mp3 (9MB)

  Mars Sounds Better With Me
The best club track of 2008 mixed with the best club track of all time. Choice!

- download mp3 (8MB)

  Destroy Celebrity Crap
Celebrity Love Island??? ANOTHER series of Big Brother??? I can take no more. I have finally cracked. (with apologies to Mylo's Destroy Rock and Roll)


- 2008 USA version radio edit mp3 (4.95MB)

- 2005 UK version radio edit mp3 (3.5MB)

- 2005 UK version 12" mix mp3 (6MB)

Dancing with the devil.
Raging breakbeat remix of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades". Your life was empty without it. (produced with Finnish breaks don L.B.J.)
Download mp3 (13MB)

Flat Beat Master
Flat Beat + Renegade Master seasoned with a hint of YMCA. No seriously.

Download mp3 (7MB)
  The Matrix Rebooted
The first ever young punx track from 2003! Dark D'n'B influenced nuskool breaks with moody vocals by Morpheus from The Matrix Reloaded. Breaks single of the week in Update mag (5 dancin men).
Download mp3 (11MB)
Gay bar - Electric Six vs The Young Punx
The Young Punx remix of Detroit rockers Electric Six's comic punk thrasher 'Gay bar'. We've turned it into a Jean Michelle Jarre drum and bass thing! Always worth a laugh. Done in 5 hours for an XFM competition in 2003!
Download mp3 (5MB)
Acapellas (make your own mashups and remixes)
  MASHitUP acapella

- download mp3 (8MB)

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