8 things you never knew about The Young Punx

from M8 magazine, December 2007 Hal Ritson of The Young Punx has performed, written or produced behind the scenes on over 150 dance records in the past 4 years, including playing keyboards on Eric Prydz’s “Call On Me”, singing the “Jimmy Somerville” lead vocals on Supermode’s “Tell Me Why” and co-writing 2 tracks on David… Read more »


“Clash Magazine” article November 2007

THE YOUNG PUNX Dance music is known for its inherent lack of humour. In these days of po-faced minimal techno posers, a hamster burp and a beat can be hailed as the latest manifestation of genius, with the prankster antics of The KLF seeming like a distant memory. But all is not lost: enter stage-left… Read more »

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Your Music Is Killing Me (Album – 2007)

The much anticipated debut album by The Young Punx. This incredible eclectic mash up of musical styles is one of the most diverse and exciting dance releases for years, set to become a highlight of many people’s CD collections and iPods.


Album review from “Update” magazine

Album of the Week The Young Punx ‘Your Music Is Killing Me’ (MofoHifi) This refreshing and at times startling debut from Hal Ritson and Cameron Saunders is the sorta record Fatboy Slim should have made to follow-up ‘We’ve Come A Long Way Baby’. It’s phat, funky, quirky, in-ya-face and above all fun. Stompers like ‘Wake… Read more »


The Young Punx – “Wake up, make up, bring it up, shake up”

Animated video for “Wake up, make up, bring it up, shake up” by UK mashed up electronica act The Young Punx. Video created by dutch artist Han Hoogerbrugge. The song is based on a loop from an early song by The Police. Taken from their album “Your music is killing me”.


The Young Punx – “Rockall” music video

Two hikers get drawn into a mysterious and surreal coastal world where the power of the Shipping Forecast summons the demon metal guitarist from the depths and possesses the locals with the spirit of ROCK! Will they survive the encounter? Featuring Mike Fielding (Naboo from The Mighty Boosh)


The Young Punx – Rockall

Expect massive things from this insane “shipping Forecast” sampling slice of dirty electro house.