New mashup : Lola’s Ghost

A new mash-up for you. I thought these would sit nicely together the moment I first heard Deadmau5 “Ghosts N Stuff” ringing through from Phonat’s room next door! I had to re-record the strings and brass for Lola’s Theme myself with live players to clarify the harmony enough to make it gel, but hey, I… Read more »


Medcab – I’m A Man

Take one wayward bootlegger, a damn fine Hammond organ-driven blues rock track and a perky Jack Russell and you have the (unusual) ingredients for one of the most loved tracks of this summer – ‘I’m a Man’.


The Young Punx – Never Die

Disco meets electro in this club classic from the punx. “Fashions come and fashions go, but disco, it will never die”.

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The Young Punx – MASHitUP

The first single from The Young Punx second album, featuring vocals from Laura Kidd, awesome ravey fidgety mixes from Shir Khan and Goshi Goshi and an insane new video from Han Hoogerbrugge!


Grammys Guest mixes and more

The Young Punx debut album, ‘Your Music Is Killing Me’, has been shortlisted for the Grammy Awards ‘Best Electronic/Dance Album’ category; great news in the week that sees them also take-over BBC Radio 1 for a very special Halloween guest mix. Press Information For Immediate Release 28th October – The Young Punx debut album, ‘Your… Read more »


The Young Punx – Fire ’08

A killer electro house track mashing up tight synth basslines with an 80s style vocal hook to die for, and a hot flamenco vibe, this is sure to be a big track for the summer.


“One Point Five” (Japan exclusive Mini Album)

A new exclusive Young Punx album is now available in Japan only! Coming between The Young Punx’ first and second “full” albums, the aptly named “One Point Five” is a mixture of neak previews of upcoming songs from the future second album, favorite remixes of songs from the first album, and collaborations with other artists… Read more »


The Young Punx in NYC – Interview on ManiaTV now online.

While The Young Punx were in New York, playing at the Mercury Lounge, they were inviewed by Hole’s Samantha Moloney (the self styled “Sexiest Drummer in Rock”) for ManiaTV’s “All Access” show. Watch the interview online now. It’s episode 12, should you have to find the appropriate episode…


Supermal – LIGHT YEARS – Phonat Mix. Available on promo now.

The Young Punx and Phonat have recently collaborated on the new track from Supermal – “Lightyears”. The Phonat remix of the track, as premiered on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio One show last week is now available on early DJ promo exclusively from Beatport. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU BUY IT TODAY! 🙂