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Young Punx Sample library – “Vintage Breaks”

Hal Ritson of The Young Punx has hooked up with long time Punx session drummer Alex Reeves to create this stunning new sample library of authentic vintage breakbeats (which will be used heavily on new material by TYP!). Producers – get on these hot beats right now!


Help me make a track for the next young punx album

HELP MAKE A YOUNG PUNX TRACK … you can be on our next album. Hullo. I am currently looking for people to send me recordings of them speaking the names of things that are characterised by NOT BEING AROUND ANY MORE. They can be trivial (a type of chocolate bar, game, TV show that was… Read more »


Friday Night Is Young Punx Night (promo 1 – ‘F*** You’) – new live weekly 2 hour webcast!

Following on from The Young Punx’ legendary Podcasts, get ready for “Friday Night Is Young Punx Night” – 2hours (plus more if you’re lucky) of Live DJ sets, Guests, Banter, Chatroom and webcam, direct from London Bridge England. Live every Friday on at 8pm GMT, 9pm CET, 12noon is LA, 3pm in NYC and 5am the following morning in Tokyo.

Kick off your weekend in style every week with the best in new electronic music, live and direct from London Bridge.

GUEST LIVE MIX on 11th November from PHONAT

Friday Night Is Young Punx Night – PROMO 1 – “F*** You” by MofoHifi Records

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‘Dope Ass Sound’ – OUT NOW

Brand new music from The Young Punx on promo now! Jacked up garage meets funked up disco to blow your cock clean off.

“This is dope – haha – love it. Like some fat US house shit, but the pitch and the fqd up beat is like some chicago jacking basement. I wanna be there! Lovely!!!” – Space Cowboy. “I haven’t heard that chicago sound for such a long time. It feels really good.”- David Guetta


Dope Ass Sound reviewed in Tilllate Magazine…

“You’ve gotta love the Young Punx and for all they stand for; the group equivalent to Norman Cook and his multi-faceted Fatboy Slim alter ego, the YPs are never afraid to change things up to keep you guessing and their sets fresh…. ‘Dope Ass Sound’ arrives seeing a return to the group’s club sound but… Read more »


REMIX COMPETITION! Mashed Popped Punked Volume 2. Complete Album Remix Parts Available to download. Prizes!

It’s a year now since we released Mashed Popped Punked, our mash-up album of every track on Mashpop and Punkstep, produced in collaboration with AudioPornCentral blog. This year its up to YOU to make the mashups and remixes! We are releasing the ENTIRE REMIX PARTS for the Mashpop and Punkstep album, and running a remix competition with AudioPornCentral, with a few prizes, and the best tracks will be made into Mashed Popped Punked Volume 2!


LL Ton J – Roger More (The Young Punx Mixes)

What next for disco monster “Roger More” after its debut at number one in the Beatport Nu Disco chart? The Young Punx get their dirty hands on it, pump it up and strip it back. Like Roger working out in the gym. Naked. On steroids. DO IT ROGER!


T.Y.P. (Exclusive pre-release downloads from Bandcamp)

Hey – we’re trying something new! We’ve put up a few upcoming Young Punx tracks for 2011 for download on Bandcamp way before their official release. Superfans – get your hands on the music before the crowd now!


Rock Star (Understand) – Video / Visuals

Han Hoogerbrugge’s visuals for The Young Punx live show at SummerSonic 2010 converted into a nifty video. Play spot the Rock Star with Han’s unique illustrations and animations.


‘SugarCandySuperNova’ Out Now!

The lovechild of sleazy East London disco and jpop-esque female vocals, Laura Kidd’s perky performance adds vocal bounce to the track’s twisted disco vibe. Perfect for late-night, back-alley antics ‘SugarCandySuperNova’ is the Punx latest offering to be lifted from current album ‘Mashpop & Punkstep’.


Monkey Gone To Opera

Simply beautiful video and audio mashup by Phil Retrospector taken from the awesome MASHED POPPED PUNKED mashup album. 3 songs, 2 movies, creating something new and moving.


SugarCandySuperNova – Video

Something surreal and suspiciously sexy is going on in deep space as the Sugar Candy Robots climb aboard the space probe SuperNova to embark on their innuendo laden mission. More insanity from the mind of Dutch cult illustrator Han Hoogerbrugge in the video for The Young Punx electro disco j-pop featuring Laura Kidd on vocals.