The Young Punx Podcasts – archive relaunch

The Young Punx FM podcast gained legendary status following its launch in 2007. Broadcasting independently from a basement in the old Hit Factory studio in London, the show gained tens of thousands of loyal fans and reputation for anarchy and entertainment. Combining upfront cuts of House, Dance, Disco, Drum and Bass, EDM, Grime and Dubstep… Read more »


Awesome New Live Footage

We’ve begun adding live footage from our summer tour of Japan to Vimeo now. It’s one of the best video records of what we do and I suggest you check it out!

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Most of the tracks on All These Things Are Gone involve a fairly complex premise, and many layers of musical content. Detonate is an unusual example of me going the opposite direction and using the fewest elements I can. In this case the track essentially only consists of three things. 1) A Dutch ambulance, recorded… Read more »

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New Album – ‘All These Things Are Gone’

iTunes  / / Beatport The Young Punx’ 3rd album “All These Things Are Gone” is an alternately joyous and melancholic journey investigating the themes of the passage of time, and what is accidentally lost from culture in the name of progress. The album is built around the heart of the epic 14 minute title… Read more »

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Kowloon Kickback

(vimeo version) Kowloon Kickback is a labour of love that I have been working on for 10 years now that I am delighted to have finally finished. It involved us composing, scoring and performing a full 1930s big band swing track recorded entirely on vintage 1930s recording equipment! It’s not the kind of thing you… Read more »

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Kowloon Kickback – Gramophonedzie Mix

“Kowloon Kickback” is a labour of love I’ve been working on for 10 years now, which has taken so long as it involved writing, scoring and recording a full 1930s swing big band track using all original 1930s recording equipment, which isn’t the easiest thing to do! I’ll write the full story about how this… Read more »

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Harlem Breakdown – ADD Video by Hoogerbrugge

The Young Punx have been working hand-in-hand with Dutch cult artist Han Hoogerbrugge for 7 years now, collaborating on videos, album artwork and live visuals. For The Young Punx’ 3rd album “All These Things Are Gone” due to be released in early 2014, Hoogerbrugge is responding to each of the tracks on the album with a short “ADD Video” lasting around 30 seconds in length. As Hoogerbrugge explains:

“We now live in a world where people only have the attention-span to watch a video online for the first 30 seconds or so, so let’s just make the whole concept work in those 30 seconds.”

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Harlem Breakdown

“Harlem Breakdown” – the opening track from The Young Punx’ forthcoming 3rd album – is a fierce wall of funk guaranteed to get your stink face on.

In true ‘Punx’ style – mashing up genres and tearing up the production rule book – the act created this track by writing and performing their own take on the virtuoso horn-funk and jazz of 1970s New York. Performed by the punx and their regular live band, the music was recorded entirely on vintage 70s recording equipment for that authentic retro dirt. Then, back at base camp The Young Punx remixed and mashed up their own recording to build a filthy electro stomp like Daft Punk on Tequila and steroids.

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BOYS LIKE BASS (feat. Reset!)

I’ve always been a massive fan of Italian turbofunk collective Reset!

I usually feel one step removed from what other electronic artists are trying to achieve in their music – like I can admire what they are doing, but always feel like their music belongs in some club that I would never go to, or needs to be experienced on some kind of drug that I don’t take, or confers association with some scene I am not part of.

But when I listen to Reset! I always feel like I am totally on their wavelength and there is a real alignment of values with the more club-centric end of my own music. I hear an honest and unforced love of a party atmosphere, combined with an understanding of funk and groove that

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New demo : 10:40 to Interlaken (Free DL)

Sometimes its nice to work on a track that you know 100% will never smash it in a club and will never make daytime radio, but you love making it anyway.

In classical music this would probably be called a ‘tone poem’ – a piece of music designed to evoke the mood of moment in time and space. In this case it is the memory of an idyllic train journey through Switzerland that we took a couple of years ago between 2 gigs. We have yodeling folk choirs, clanging bells, semi-ironic ‘euro’ synth sounds, and most of all the intricate fascinating cross rhythms that you get as trains rattle along the rails.


Harlem Breakdown (teaser clip)

AAArg! I can’t wait to release this, but we have to finish the rest of the album first… So here is a short clip to keep you going. For Harlem Breakdown i wanted to revisit the filthy and complex horn funk of the 70s New York scene, led by the likes of the Brecker Brothers. Let’s be frank – the disco sound itself has been mined pretty heavily by dance music, but this more jazz focused complex sound has been pretty much left alone, at least by the mainstream. Though the ghost of Skunk Funk certainly lives on in the horn voicings we wrote this track from scratch, and got together a superb live band based on the same Young Punx punx live band we put together to back Dizzee Rascal at the BBC electric Proms in 2009, with the

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Yo! We’re just putting the finishing touches to our forthcoming release GIRLS LIKE DISCO BOYS LIKE BASS with guests Reset! and Birdee. Very excited. Check out this teaser clip of a breakdown from GIRLS LIKE DISCO. Listen to Guthrie Govan’s bass playing! WOH! How does he move his fingers that fast!

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Vato Gonzalez & The Young Punx – “Body Harder”

Vato Gonzalez teams up with The Young Punx to bring you their new club smash “Body Harder”. The song is built around the brass stabs and siren from Quincy Jones’ iconic “Ironside” theme, made famous by Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” in more recent years. Add a pulsating bassline, a seductive dancehall hook and you’ve got yourself a banger that will make your body move harder, faster, stronger! With earlybird supporters like David Guetta, Robbie Rivera, Andi Durrant (Capital FM), Danny Howard (BBC Radio 1), and Steve Smart (Kiss FM) this collab is set to be huge.

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Some ridiculous Young Punx facts

I had a tea break and decided to write down my favourite Young Punx facts:


– The Young Punx first commercial release was put at 25/1 for christmas number one by William Hill Bookmakers

– The Young Punx first DJ show ever was at Earl’s Court Arena playing a Radiohead Aftershow party

– The Young Punx first live show ever was to 15,000 people at Yokohama Arena

– Hal from The Young Punx has performed or produced on over four hundred electronic genre records, including tracks by Nas, CeeLo, Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Jessie Ware, UNKLE, Steve Angelo, Dizzee Rascal, Bobby Womack, Willy Moon. god this list is endless.

– Hal is listed at the performer who has played on more electronic genre records than any other performer in history.

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Return To The Valley Of The Super Shooters

“Return To The Valley Of the Super Shooters” sees The Young Punx and friends in nostalgic mood, lovingly harking back to the golden era of UK Jungle. With Memphis-rapper Count Bass D spitting in clear homage to Zinc’s legendary “Super Sharp Shooter” (itself a lift from LL Cool J), and classic junglist beats to boot, the Young Punx Delorean is targeted firmly at 1995. But with a heavy lacing of post-dubstep basslines from Phonat dominating the low end, and a quirky collection of Theremins and Circuit-bent Stylophones tweaking over the top this is very much a 21st Century track, with a wry nod to music that inspired its creators back in the day.

The Young Punx – Return To The Valley Of The Super Shooters by MofoHifi Records