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Guest Mix for Triple J & Block FM

Here’s a one hour guest mix we did for Triple J in Australia and Block FM in Japan. Also this mix was rejected by a leading trendy blog for being “too massive sounding”. I’ll take that. TRACKLIST Hirotaka Kawano – Introduction Kyogi – Not Good Enough The Young Punx – All These Things Are Gone… Read more »

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Most of the tracks on All These Things Are Gone involve a fairly complex premise, and many layers of musical content. Detonate is an unusual example of me going the opposite direction and using the fewest elements I can. In this case the track essentially only consists of three things. 1) A Dutch ambulance, recorded… Read more »

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New Album – ‘All These Things Are Gone’

iTunes  / Amazon.co.uk / Beatport The Young Punx’ 3rd album “All These Things Are Gone” is an alternately joyous and melancholic journey investigating the themes of the passage of time, and what is accidentally lost from culture in the name of progress. The album is built around the heart of the epic 14 minute title… Read more »

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Kowloon Kickback

(vimeo version) Kowloon Kickback is a labour of love that I have been working on for 10 years now that I am delighted to have finally finished. It involved us composing, scoring and performing a full 1930s big band swing track recorded entirely on vintage 1930s recording equipment! It’s not the kind of thing you… Read more »

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Kowloon Kickback – Gramophonedzie Mix

“Kowloon Kickback” is a labour of love I’ve been working on for 10 years now, which has taken so long as it involved writing, scoring and recording a full 1930s swing big band track using all original 1930s recording equipment, which isn’t the easiest thing to do! I’ll write the full story about how this… Read more »

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Harlem Breakdown

“Harlem Breakdown” – the opening track from The Young Punx’ forthcoming 3rd album – is a fierce wall of funk guaranteed to get your stink face on.

In true ‘Punx’ style – mashing up genres and tearing up the production rule book – the act created this track by writing and performing their own take on the virtuoso horn-funk and jazz of 1970s New York. Performed by the punx and their regular live band, the music was recorded entirely on vintage 70s recording equipment for that authentic retro dirt. Then, back at base camp The Young Punx remixed and mashed up their own recording to build a filthy electro stomp like Daft Punk on Tequila and steroids.



London-based The Young Punx return with a 2-track release celebrating their love of all things disco and bass, collaborating with their close friends and kings of the Italian Turbofunk sound, Birdee (Southern Fried) and Reset! (Cheap Thrills, Dim Mak), with GIRLS LIKE DISCO BOYS LIKE BASS’.

A club-ready disco and bass laden teaser for the forthcoming 3rd Young Punx album, the tracks showcase the flamboyant musicianship of The Young Punx whose brass-heavy funk stylings have previously been heard as the disco band in Dizzee Rascal’s “Dirtee Disco”, as well as performing as the live backing band for Dizzee on the BBC Electric Proms and Glastonbury 2011, and in their legendary 2005 makeover of De’Lacy’s ‘Hideaway’.

The Young Punx’ Hal Ritson explains that the release’s title is derived from a tongue in cheek ‘rule of DJing’.

“It all started off as a bit of a joke amongst our DJ pals. The joke being men never go out onto the dancefloor first. But, you play some disco and the girls flock to the floor. Naturally the boys follow on then, and if you went bass heavy, the party would really begin to kick. ‘Girls Like Disco Boys Like Bass’ became code for this pattern! Of course in fact everyone likes both Disco and Bass, so don’t take it too literally!”


‘Interplanetary’ revisited

So I’m ABOUT to post loads of incredibly fresh new Young Punx music… But i was just looking on iTunes and saw that this 2006 track is actually one of our best selling tracks ever, and I’d almost forgotten about it myself! It wasn’t on soundcloud so I thought I’d add it for fun. The… Read more »

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Vato Gonzalez & The Young Punx – “Body Harder”

Vato Gonzalez teams up with The Young Punx to bring you their new club smash “Body Harder”. The song is built around the brass stabs and siren from Quincy Jones’ iconic “Ironside” theme, made famous by Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” in more recent years. Add a pulsating bassline, a seductive dancehall hook and you’ve got yourself a banger that will make your body move harder, faster, stronger! With earlybird supporters like David Guetta, Robbie Rivera, Andi Durrant (Capital FM), Danny Howard (BBC Radio 1), and Steve Smart (Kiss FM) this collab is set to be huge.

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Mashpop and Punkstep (album 2010)

The Young Punx return for their second studio album, a startling and inventive exploration of the deliberate destruction of genre boundaries in electronic music. Probably the first album in history to have toyed with drum and bass, heavy metal, electropop and cuban timba within the first 5 minutes (!) “Mashpop and Punkstep” is a vibrant manifesto for the next generation of mashup music.

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Your Music Is Killing Me (Album – 2007)

The much anticipated debut album by The Young Punx. This incredible eclectic mash up of musical styles is one of the most diverse and exciting dance releases for years, set to become a highlight of many people’s CD collections and iPods.