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BOYS LIKE BASS (feat. Reset!)

I’ve always been a massive fan of Italian turbofunk collective Reset!

I usually feel one step removed from what other electronic artists are trying to achieve in their music – like I can admire what they are doing, but always feel like their music belongs in some club that I would never go to, or needs to be experienced on some kind of drug that I don’t take, or confers association with some scene I am not part of.

But when I listen to Reset! I always feel like I am totally on their wavelength and there is a real alignment of values with the more club-centric end of my own music. I hear an honest and unforced love of a party atmosphere, combined with an understanding of funk and groove that

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New demo : 10:40 to Interlaken (Free DL)

Sometimes its nice to work on a track that you know 100% will never smash it in a club and will never make daytime radio, but you love making it anyway.

In classical music this would probably be called a ‘tone poem’ – a piece of music designed to evoke the mood of moment in time and space. In this case it is the memory of an idyllic train journey through Switzerland that we took a couple of years ago between 2 gigs. We have yodeling folk choirs, clanging bells, semi-ironic ‘euro’ synth sounds, and most of all the intricate fascinating cross rhythms that you get as trains rattle along the rails.

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Yo! We’re just putting the finishing touches to our forthcoming release GIRLS LIKE DISCO BOYS LIKE BASS with guests Reset! and Birdee. Very excited. Check out this teaser clip of a breakdown from GIRLS LIKE DISCO. Listen to Guthrie Govan’s bass playing! WOH! How does he move his fingers that fast!

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Return To The Valley Of The Super Shooters

“Return To The Valley Of the Super Shooters” sees The Young Punx and friends in nostalgic mood, lovingly harking back to the golden era of UK Jungle. With Memphis-rapper Count Bass D spitting in clear homage to Zinc’s legendary “Super Sharp Shooter” (itself a lift from LL Cool J), and classic junglist beats to boot, the Young Punx Delorean is targeted firmly at 1995. But with a heavy lacing of post-dubstep basslines from Phonat dominating the low end, and a quirky collection of Theremins and Circuit-bent Stylophones tweaking over the top this is very much a 21st Century track, with a wry nod to music that inspired its creators back in the day.

The Young Punx – Return To The Valley Of The Super Shooters by MofoHifi Records

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‘Dope Ass Sound’ – OUT NOW

Brand new music from The Young Punx on promo now! Jacked up garage meets funked up disco to blow your cock clean off.

“This is dope – haha – love it. Like some fat US house shit, but the pitch and the fqd up beat is like some chicago jacking basement. I wanna be there! Lovely!!!” – Space Cowboy. “I haven’t heard that chicago sound for such a long time. It feels really good.”- David Guetta

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Watch The Young Punx backing Dizzee Rascal at the BBC Electric Proms

On Wednesday 21st October 2009, at the BBC Electric Proms, Dizzee Rascal performed his first ever full length concert backed by a live band to widespread critical acclaim. That live band was made up from members of The Young Punx collective, plus Vula Malinga from Basement Jaxx, a 16 piece string section from The Heritage Orchestra and choristers from Kings’ College Cambridge, all under the musical direction of The Young Punx’s Hal Ritson.

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Remixed Vol. 1 Out Now!

In the build up to the release of The Young Punx second album, here is a new EP of hot club remixes of recent and upcoming Young Punx tracks by top producers Black Noise, Riva Starr, Shinichi Osawa, Kam Denny and Junior Black.

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Phonat Album Out Now!

Outstanding debut solo album from The Young Punx’s young Italian producer ‘Phonat’ featuring guest appearances by many of The Young Punx crew.


The Young Punx – Ready for the fight (Feat. Count Bass D)

“Ready for the fight” is triumphant cross genre collaboration between London-based electronic dance producers The Young Punx and Memphis-based king of the independent Hip Hop producers Count Bass D. Despite radically different musical and cultural backgrounds both artists have developed a great respect for each others’ work and come together to create a unique and moving track seamlessly combining the best of post Daft Punk European dance production with big room Hip Hop vibes in a moving tale of resolve and determination in the face of adversity.

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The Young Punx – MASHitUP

The first single from The Young Punx second album, featuring vocals from Laura Kidd, awesome ravey fidgety mixes from Shir Khan and Goshi Goshi and an insane new video from Han Hoogerbrugge!