Rock star (Understand)

(We often get people asking us what these lyrics are all about and even if they make sense at all! Let me reassure you that it all makes sense to us, and it covers some big issues to do with an artist’s duty to their fans, as illustrated by a few famous example, but its all kind of… in code 🙂 The song is an adaptation of the song “Understand” by Japanese band Asian Kung-Fu Generation, and we’ve tried to keep the sound of many of the Japanese lyrics, so that much of the English sounds almost identical to the Japanese, which results in some curious phrasings in the language, but captures the poetry of the Japanese words, a technique derived from poetry translation etc. So now you know)

In noise machines and magazines she’s always on the run
When she sings the world is under her thumb
But all she does is do the dust, with moonlight in her hair
Held together by the silence in song

From Michigan to Tokyo I’ve got Iggy in the mash galore
He wrote the song, it all went wrong, till Ziggy took the fall
You give me lies lies, you kid me on, but I’ve heard it all before
Now get out your guitar rock star!

You sing the song or joke alone
Can’t you understand
If you find the key to keep me warm
Then tonight I’m yours

You’re paranoid, you joke alone, so the devil must ask for more
To guide the soul I’m dead again and broken on the floor
In Brixton, Rome and Tokyo, to Muskegon and Idaho.
Now get out your guitar rock star!

I demand you give me more
So I understand
So sad the soul of rock and roll
You can understand
Will you sing the song or joke alone
You’ve found the key to keep me warm
So tonight I’m yours!