Like Dat

One’s for the hi-hat,
Two’s for the kick drum
Three’s for the swing beat
Four and then some
Rhythm designed to work your mind and knees
Strong and long like a python that’s Burmese
Whether you’s a rich bloke, or from the low zone.
Rock your body all night then maybe go home
Been a long time, but I’m a beast still
You know the score it’s us six, them nil
Booze mostly, maybe trees, no pills
No gimmicks, no tricks, nuff frills
Can’t be reached in Dubai on the beach
Everybody outta know, each one teach
Pay your fees and I’ll bless you like sneeze
Across the board, straight up and down, ninety degrees.
It’s a walk in the park, six runs on the cricket bat
I make it crack cause I got it like dat.

Who’s got the funky stuff
I’ll take a small piece
Wack DJ desist and cease
Sekkle, the vibe impeccable
The beat dope, the rhyme inject-able
I’ve heard some say, it makes hip sway
I could stand and watch you dance all day
Put your hand in my hand, draw a line in the sand
Try to cross you get pushed back like a dam.
Don’t give me your advice, I’ve got one father
I’ll show and prove I’m nice yo, so why bother
Rumours circulating, I already saw her
showing the mid-drift. We’re on top like a halter.
Another double jack pulled out the Freebass
All oscillators tuned, time to set the pace
Octopus still moving better say your grace
Fresh jams for your ears baby feed your face.

We got it down pat baby it’s like dat
Because the vibes is cool and the beat is fat
It ain’t a damn thing we lack
It ain’t no fiction it’s fact.