The Young Punx Podcasts – archive relaunch

The Young Punx FM podcast gained legendary status following its launch in 2007. Broadcasting independently from a basement in the old Hit Factory studio in London, the show gained tens of thousands of loyal fans and reputation for anarchy and entertainment.

Combining upfront cuts of House, Dance, Disco, Drum and Bass, EDM, Grime and Dubstep music (much of it unreleased and ‘before it was famous’) with chaotic and comedic presentation, the effect was something along the lines of Top Gear with techno; Howard Stern in a disco; Waynes World with DJ party mix sets. Above all the humour and camaraderie of the show’s banter has a spontaneity and joy that is timeless.

The podcast archives were sadly destroyed when the hosting provider (BT Podshow / Mevio) changed business model and deleted all the episodes and lost all the subscribers (WTF). In 2016, following much pressure from listeners, the archives are being rebuilt and progressively uploaded on a new feed. Go to to listen to classic episodes and subscribe to get a new episode on the first Friday of every much through 2016.