Most of the tracks on All These Things Are Gone involve a fairly complex premise, and many layers of musical content. Detonate is an unusual example of me going the opposite direction and using the fewest elements I can.

In this case the track essentially only consists of three things.

1) A Dutch ambulance, recorded on my iPhone in Rotterdam while I was visiting our illustrator Han Hoogerbrugge about the videos for the album.

2) A sine wav sub-bassline tracking the ambulance. It’s just the default patch on logic EXS, though using the old jungle trick of playing 2 notes a semi tone apart, which really should sound terrible, but actually makes interesting beating patterns that change speed at different pitches creating a subtle wobble feel.

3) Alex Reeves playing a live breakbeat. We built a somewhat crazy kit for this track. The kick drum is one super deep kick drum, with a second super large kick drum in front of it (!!!) to get the deepest kick possible. Then for the snare we went the opposite way with the smallest snare drum we could to sound like a pitched up sample snare. The result is the widest frequency range you could get out of the kit from super deep to super high.

Here is a photo of the kit set up:

Detonate Kit Set Up

Detonate Kit Set Up

We made some more beats using the kit while it was set up, and you can buy some of them to use yourself from Sample Magic at

Perhaps this is one of the tracks on the album that are least obviously connected to the “All These Things Are Gone” concept, but it is really a ghost memory of the (‘gone’) soundscape of early 90s jungle, but re-interpreted in a post dubstep / post drumstep manner.

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