New Album – ‘All These Things Are Gone’

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The Young Punx - All These Things Are GoneThe Young Punx’ 3rd album “All These Things Are Gone” is an alternately joyous and melancholic journey investigating the themes of the passage of time, and what is accidentally lost from culture in the name of progress. The album is built around the heart of the epic 14 minute title track, which deadpan catalogs over 60 things which are only connected by virtue of no-longer being around any more, against a constantly developing soundscape inspired by the bliss house of 90s artists like The Beloved and St Etienne.

Elsewhere on the album The Young Punx find their inspiration by journeying through time and space to different lost eras in music history, recording and producing in those vintage styles using 100% period correct equipment, and then ‘sampling themselves’ to make original tracks joyfully splicing together their favourite elements of the past and present. While the genres utilised range widely from the fierce 70s JazzFunk of ‘Harlem Breakdown’ to the 30s big band carnage of ‘Kowloon Kickback’ to the revisionist 1980s synthscapes of ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Heart Of The Night’, the theme remains the same; a focus on history, culture and feelings being captured in memories and art rather than an empty obsession with fashion and the new. With added basslines.

“Soaring expansive production” – Clash


“Their boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm shines throughout with an underlying organic live feel that’s perfect for that party atmosphere.” – Mixmag (Tune of the Month – 9/10)


“Its title track is a meandering 14-minute epic that rarely lets up in its flouting of sanity and joyous tinkering with expectations and melody” – Notion Magazine

“The tracks sound authentic for the time yet modern for today, with a bouncy energetic feel… produced masterfully. It sounds real and full and vibrant. The manic energy from their previous releases is channeled into pure creative artistry.”Notable Dance Blog

“Through the entirety of the album you can hear the level of effort applied, and the enthusiasm of the performances and writing.” Music Tech Magazine


“Sheer Balearic heaven, managing to perfectly capture that 6am feeling on the White Island. Sure, there are nods to the 90s house lineage but the pair add a fresh polish to those sounds, with their irreverence shining through with each percussive snap and sundown note.”Clash


Electronic authority The Young Punx’ new French-inclined, dance-heavy effort is as conceptual as it is joyous and radio-friendly.”Culture Or Trash



1. Harlem Breakdown
2. Girls Like Disco (feat. Birdee)
3. 10:40 To Interlaken
4. Kowloon Kickback
5. All These Things Are Gone
6. Heart Of The Night
7. Detonate
8. Supersonic
9. La Luna
10. Boys Like Bass (feat. Reset!)
11. Polaroid (feat. Darktown Jubilee)

‘All These Things Are Gone’ is out on MofoHifi now.

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