All These Things Are Gone – video

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The Young Punx 3rd album “All These Things Are Gone” is an alternately joyous and melancholic journey investigating the themes of the passage of time, and what is accidentally lost from culture in the name of progress. The album is built around the heart of the epic 14 minute title track, which deadpan catalogs over 60 things which are only connected by virtue of no-longer being around any more, against a constantly developing soundscape inspired by the bliss house of 90s artists like The Beloved and Saint Etienne.

In this remix version, 18 year old Finnish wunderkind Lenno pumps up the understated original up into a more ecstatic upbeat club mix, brilliantly combining the conceptual depth of the original with a more euphoric atmosphere. Lenno was first inspired to start making electronic music when he saw a Young Punx production tutorial video aged 13, and has since gone on to become a widely respected young producer, and a favourite of The Young Punx themselves.

The track is accompanied by a video by The Young Punx’ long time collaborator, esteemed Dutch multi-media artist Han Hoogerbrugge who has produced all The Young Punx videos and illustrations for their 10 year history.