Harlem Breakdown – ADD Video by Hoogerbrugge

(vimeo version)

The Young Punx have been working hand-in-hand with Dutch cult artist Han Hoogerbrugge for 7 years now, collaborating on videos, album artwork and live visuals. For The Young Punx’ 3rd album “All These Things Are Gone” due to be released in early 2014, Hoogerbrugge is responding to each of the tracks on the album with a short “ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Video” lasting around 30 seconds in length. As Hoogerbrugge explains:

“We now live in a world where people only have the attention-span to watch a video online for the first 30 seconds or so, so let’s just make the whole concept work in those 30 seconds.”

The first video in the series is for the first track on the album – Harlem Breakdown – a fierce wall of funk recorded on vintage 70s equipment then mashed up by the band.

Hoogerbrugge responds to the music in characteristically obtuse and mindbending form. Animating in the classic Disney hand-drawn style of early 20th Century cartoons he corrupts and distorts the familiar childish figures with glitches, loops and the grotesque addition of the heads of world leaders, celebrities and other warped characters, mirroring The Young Punx’ musical approach of rebuilding then corrupting a vintage form.

More animations will be released over the coming months, building up to a full journey through the new album, as viewed through the artist’s own unique world.