BOYS LIKE BASS (feat. Reset!)

I’ve always been a massive fan of Italian turbofunk collective Reset!

I usually feel one step removed from what other electronic artists are trying to achieve in their music – like I can admire what they are doing, but always feel like their music belongs in some club that I would never go to, or needs to be experienced on some kind of drug that I don’t take, or confers association with some scene I am not part of.

But when I listen to Reset! I always feel like I am totally on their wavelength and there is a real alignment of values with the more club-centric end of my own music. I hear an honest and unforced love of a party atmosphere, combined with an understanding of funk and groove that reaches back to the 60s, 70s and 80s. And also the sense that even if you are listening to a one chord loop, it is being made by a true musician who could compose and improvise with skill, not just being confined to the loops and step programming of a bedroom EDM artist.

I was therefore delighted when I ended up knowing the Reset! team personally (via them being friends with Phonat) and now, after helping each other with a few tracks, we have made our first full collaboration together.

As with the companion track to BOYS LIKE BASS – ‘GIRLS LIKE DISCO (feat. Birdee)’, this track consists of live playing by myself and members of The Young Punx live collective, recorded over several years, structured and produced by a turbofunk don. But where-as GIRLS LIKE DISCO is a straight for the jugular party track, BOYS LIKE BASS is a little more experimental and exploratory. I love the way Reset! took so many of the parts I provided and turned it into an evolving journey that never quite repeats itself and is always going in new directions.

It’s been an anthem in my own sets all year, and I hope you enjoy it now.