New demo : 10:40 to Interlaken (Free DL)

Sometimes its nice to work on a track that you know 100% will never smash it in a club and will never make daytime radio, but you love making it anyway.

In classical music this would probably be called a ‘tone poem’ – a piece of music designed to evoke the mood of moment in time and space. In this case it is the memory of an idyllic train journey through Switzerland that we took a couple of years ago between 2 gigs. We have yodeling folk choirs, clanging bells, semi-ironic ‘euro’ synth sounds, and most of all the intricate fascinating cross rhythms that you get as trains rattle along the rails. You know how the train sounds always NEARLY make a sensible groove but there is always one extra beat every other bar, or two different elements going out of sync with each other etc. I’ve tried to capture that kind of feel with all the different percussion and musical elements usually running in different time signatures at the same time, so they run across each other, going in and out of sync.

So its music about the pulse of a railway network, and about the wonder that comes of getting up in the morning to travel through a new and magical landscape.

Don’t wait for the drop. There isn’t one.