What the blogs are are saying about Mashpop and Punkstep

Blastercase – “An epic breakbeat-dancehall-techno-rocking-hip-hop-electro-mind-fuck… Highly recommend grabbing their debut album”

Disco Demos – “You You You has easily convinced me to mention the album on my site. It’s like a cross-section of contemporary music, totally amazing”

The Culture of Me – “There is no such thing as a great electronic record; there is in fact only a such thing as a great record. Mashpop & Punkstep is that great record… one of the best “pop” records we’ve heard in years”

Trash Menagerie – “Full of surprises and a lot of fun”

Extra New Music – “One of the Best Indie Party Albums this year!”

Funky House Music – “With the release of ‘Mashpop & Punkstep’ The Young Punx could well have produced the first dancefloor focused, must-have album of the year…”

Robot Pigeon – “There are certainly tracks that we absolutely adore and will repeat to death”

Feral Party Kids – “We give this album 41/2 to of 5 stars. Young Punx bring the heat”

The Docking Station – “A fantastically thoughtful and mind bending ride, as one never knows quite what’s next… like you’re punched in the face one minute only to be coddled to sleep the next.”

I Really Love Music – “An album that will provide smiles for anyone wanting a simple set of straight to the dance floor grooves.”

Atari Cool Kids – “The Young Punx has put out a storm of thunderous beats and compelling remixed instrumentals their latest Studio Album is a punch to the gut with hard hitting melodies with smooth transitions from track to track.”