The Young Punx interviewed in “Time Out” Dubai

Good interview with The Young Punx ahead of their upcoming Dubai gigs:


What’s your set going to be like out here?
The Young Punx DJ set represents our influences from the club scene, so there’s a lot of breakbeat, electro and house. Depending on the crowd, we can go into dubstep and drum ’n’ bass, but the set is mostly solid, good-time music with grooves and funk. Someone recently told us that our sets are stylistically all over the place and shouldn’t work, but somehow do. And that’s a compliment because that’s what we try to achieve, really.

It’s pretty representative of the stuff on your first album, then.
Yeah definitely. The first album [2007’s Your Music Is Killing Me] was a comment on popular culture and an extension of mash-up culture. It did well, but it was quite forward-thinking in lots of ways – we might have put too many ideas into it. I think the stuff we’re working on for the second album is more reflective of our experience as DJs, going out and seeing what makes people dance. It’s not just house and electro; hip hop’s in there as well. We’re doing collaborations with MC Paul Barman who’s a New York rapper, as well as Count Bass D. It’s not like we’re trying to be rap or ‘street’ though – that’s just the kind of vocal that’s prevalent in the music we play.