Free mp3 download – The Young Punx – “The Clapping Song”

The Young Punx have taken part in the legendary Buffet Libre “Rewind” project, in which 100 artists do cover versions of tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s for a free online digital download compilation. The Young Punx chose to cover the Belle Stars version of “The Clapping Song” from 1982, which is itself a cover of Shirley Ellis’ 60s original.

Featuring vocals from Laura Kidd and virtuoso guitar from Guthrie Govan the track starts out as a fairly faithful cover version, until Phonat takes the helm half way through and it turns into a kind of electro drum and bass freak out version! Hal Ritson of The Young Punx comments,

“What attracted us was the combination of the innocence of the playground rhyme pop style with the sulky thatcher-era vocal delivery. Also it seemed fun to do a cover version of a song that was ALREADY a cover version of a 60’s song. A cover of a cover.

DOWNLOAD MP3 – The Young Punx feat Laura Kidd, Guthrie Govan and Phonat : “The Clapping Song”

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