Album review from “Update” magazine

Album of the Week
The Young Punx
‘Your Music Is Killing Me’


This refreshing and at times startling debut from Hal Ritson and Cameron Saunders is the sorta record Fatboy Slim should have made to follow-up ‘We’ve Come A Long Way Baby’. It’s phat, funky, quirky, in-ya-face and above all fun. Stompers like ‘Wake Up, Make Up…’, ‘Rockall’ and ‘You’ve Got To…’ rub shoulders with the ‘80s disco boogie pastiche of ‘It Doesn’t Stop’, and the electro pop of ‘Young & Beautiful’. There’s also the kitsch: ‘Interplanetary’ (a remake of the Carpenters hit), and neo-classical title track along with and the Eric Prydz-like ‘Fire’. In fact there’s a staggering 17-tracks on show, with many, past, present and future single among them. By refusing to adhere to any one musical style, the Young Punx!
may well become one of the most misunderstood artists of their generation, yet despite this, expect this totally absorbing debut to make its mark on the end of year ‘best of’ listings. (Lewis Dene) 5 dancin’ men

Update Magazine, Sept 26th 2007. Update is a leading tastemaker magazine for the dance music industry. Lewis Dene writes for Update, DJ Magazine, Record Collector, Blues and Soul and the BBC.

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