News Archive – 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

  • November
    “Rockall” video now online!

    video for “Rockall” by The Young
    Punx is now online. A madcap affair featuring Mike Fielding
    (Naboo from The Mighty Boosh)
    , a demon metal guitar
    player rising from the depths and break dancing fishermen. You
    know, the usual.

    site :

    Youtube :

    Myspace :

    ROckall VIdeo Clips

    track is also available on 2x 12″ vinyls
    for the first time today! GET

  • September
    Rockall… coming soon…





    “Screams Hugeness – The latest Missile from the
    rapidly rising Young Punx”
    Kris Needs

    The Shipping Forecast is one of the UK’s greatest broadcasting
    institutions. ‘Rockall’ sees The Young Punx irreverently
    cut it up and recklessly mash a gale force 10 forecast into a
    rocked up, funky electro monster, forecasting the British Isles
    to Party. With a string of huge club records and remixes under
    their belts, The Young Punx are fresh from performing to 25,000
    ecstatic Japanese festival goers, and are now threatening to be
    one of the biggest dance cross over bands of 2007.

    Quintessentially English, The Young Punx, aka Hal Ritson and Cameron
    Sunders, are renowned for splicing pop culture with an attitude
    not seen since Fatboy Slim and Coldcut, but with a wry sense of
    irony and a stunning example of how to make original live dance
    music without samples. ‘Rockall’ sees them go to work
    on the shipping forecast, read, and now endorsed, by Radio 4 announcer
    Alan Smith.

    “I’ve been on the radio nearly every day for the past
    16 years – but this certainly is the first time I have ended up
    as the vocalist on a dance song! “
    says Alan. “The
    Young Punx made the track without me knowing, but now I have heard
    it I really like it. It’s quite funny to think that people up
    and down the country are dancing to my voice”
    . The record
    also features virtuoso rock guitarist Guthrie Govan (Guitarist
    Magazine Guitar player of the Year) on lead guitar and Rob Harris
    from Jamiroquai on rhythm guitar.

    As well as being one of the leading remixers in the UK (having
    recently remixed the likes of The Scissor Sisters and Studio B),
    and beloved by the breaks and electro community, The Young Punx
    have built a reputation for making witty musical comments on popular
    culture, including their notorious mash up of the 118118 adverts
    “Got Your Number” and last year’s celebrity name dropping
    rework of Mylo’s “Destroy Rock and Roll” entitled “Destroy
    Celebrity Crap” – with titles like that you can guess
    where they’re coming from. With support from big name fans
    such as Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, legendary journo Kris Needs, and
    Judge Jules, expect to hear much more from The Young Punx as their
    debut album is set to drop in 2007, and watch out for the shipping
    forecast on a dancefloor near you soon!

    Remixes come from Ben Braund (Brand Reynolds), Phonat, Medcab,
    and Krafty Kuts.

  • August
    Back from Japan – check out the photos

    we’re back from Japan now and WHAT A GREAT TRIP. Both
    the DJ gigs and live band gigs were hugely enjoyable.
    The best sound, the best lights, the best crew, the best
    audiances. WE LOVE YOU JAPAN!

    take a moment to check out the photos from the tour to
    get a feel for the trip and the gigs!

  • (yes..
    featuring Hal in a Superman costume and, more importantly,
    Tiff in a Nurses outfit!)

  • July
    Young Punx collaboration at number 13 in the UK singles

    me why?” by Supermode is now in the UK singles charts at number
    . The track is produced by Steve Angello
    and Axwell and features vocals from Hal Ritson
    from The Young Punx. Check out the video

  • July

    to everyone who came to our gig at Club 5 in Washington
    , USA last week. We all had a great time. You
    might want to visit, the website of photographer
    and designer Phillip Wong to check out some cool photos he took
    of the gig – like this one…

    forward to seeing our Japanese fans at the Nano Mugen
    Festival in Tokyo
    next week, in our 4 piece live band
    featuring the legendary Guthrie Govan on guitar…

    the past couple of weeks we have also being remixing the new
    Scissor Sisters / Elton John collaboration
    and producing a new track with Krafty Kuts
    that will be the next Krafty Kuts single .

    note that Hal from The Young Punx is the singer on “Tell
    me why?” by Supermode which is now on
    the Radio One A list!

  • May

    The italian label Ondesferiche is going to include “Young
    and beautifull” in a compilation called “Sonic Arts
    Volume 1”, due for release on the 30th may, national distribution
    by Self. Also “Young and beautifull” will be released
    as a single and the video sent to all national music channels.
    For Italian updates keep an eye on

  • April
    New single – Interplanetary on promo now

    the early copies of the latest release from The Young Punx this
    week from major mp3 stores and tastemaker vinyl shops. “Interplanetary”
    is a funky slice of insane carpenters-sampling sci-fi madness

    featuring a comprehensive mix package from The Young Punx, Openair,
    Digital Dog, Phunk Investigation, SoulShaker and Max Neutra.

    funky peak time house in epic proportion. High quality, organic
    premium goods. This will be the song everyone leaves the club
    humming through the next work week.” –

    it now on mp3


  • April
    New remix – Chicane feat. Tom Jones – “Stoned
    in Love”

    of The Young Punx remix of the new Chicane / Tom Jones track
    are starting to turn up now. I’m sure it will be in the UK charts
    very soon so it shouldn’t be hard to find!

  • April
    Tracks for sale on mp3 sites!

    We are pleased to announce that we are now starting to sell The
    Young Punx music as mp3 downloads on a wide variety of mp3 download
    sites such as iTunes, Napster etc. More sites and more tracks
    will follow soon, but for now, click on some of these… and buy
    some stuff!

  • April
    New Mix Releases – Studio B and Urban Myth

    sees the UK (and online) release of “C’mon and
    Get It On”
    by Studio B – their
    follow up to the massive “I see girls”. Playlisted
    on Radio 1, the main mix of this track is a
    retro 80s pop rock mashup-y commercial house mix by The Young
    Punx – the first time one of our mixes has been on the playlist.
    (update – reached number 28 in the UK Top 40)

    the video

    CD from HMV

    CD from Amazon

    vinyl from Juno

    mp3 from iTunes

    Also out now is the beautiful “I feel it” by
    Urban Myth Club from their album “Helium
    – which is also released this week. The Young Punx have a funky
    house remix of “I Feel It” on the single package, but we would
    also strongly recommend you check out their album
    if you have ever enjoyed Zero Seven, Moby, Air, Royksopp

    CD single from Juno

    mp3 single from iTunes

    mp3 ALBUM from iTunes

  • March
    Another Update.

    Recent good news includes… The Young Punx remix of Studio B’s
    “C’mon get it on” is now playlisted on BBC Radio 1!
    We are now signining an excellent album deal for Japan
    which we are very excited about. New remix underway for Space
    ! And watch out for news on our new single “Interplanetary”
    very soon!

  • February

    So what have we been doing in 2006 you may ask? Producing a new
    track with the Stereo MCs and Braund
    , and doing remixes for Tina Turner,
    Chicane and Tom Jones. Basically.

  • December
    New track “It doesn’t Stop” available on limited white
    label pressing

    We have put out a very limited white label pressing of a new track
    “It doesn’t stop”. The track is basically a house cut
    up remix of the instrumental section of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t
    Stop Till You Get Enough” that we did for our own DJing purposes
    but has proved rather popular. [buy
    from Juno

  • December
    Two new tracks on UK CD release

    Today sees the full commercial release in the UK of 2 tracks
    that have been absolutely massive in the clubs this year, where
    the lead club remix is by The Young Punx. Feel free to buy them!

    Rocket CD cover1)
    Rocket (A natural gambler)” by Braund

    This is absolutely our favourite track of 2005 – a rip roaring
    barnstormer of a song that sounds like someone has discovered
    a long lost Tom Jones number from the ’70s and bootlegged it
    in the style of JXL vs Elvis. In actual fact it is 100% original
    and destined to become a classic. The second CD of the set has
    The Young Punx remix on it. [buy
    from HMV

    Hideaway CD cover2)
    Hideaway” by Delacey.

    This is one of the all time classic house tracks which has been
    remixed many times over the past decade. This 2005 rerelease
    is lead by the infamous Young Punx remix which re-invents the
    track as a fictional long lost 1960s motown recording the bootlegs
    it up to date. The CD also includes the classic Deep Dish mix.
    from HMV

  • November
    Medcab “dance” on full release

    Medcab - Dance - CD cover
    Today sees the full commercial release in the UK of
    by “Medcab” including, for the
    first time, availability on CD
    and iTunes
    . This party breaks reworking of of the ESG classic that
    featured prominantly on UK Toyota adverts this year is a Young
    Punx spin off project
    . It’s an infectious feel good track,
    wih a great suite of house and breaks remixes including mixes
    from The Young Punx, Mohito and Cicada.


    It would be great if you bought it, in particular if you buy
    it THIS WEEK since chart impact is greatest when everyone buys
    it at the same time. For people in the UK it is best if you
    go into a major record store and buy it (order it if they don’t
    have it) or you can purchase online
    or at iTunes.

    Buy HMV
    Buy itunes
    Buy Amazon

    out more and hear sound clips at
    If you are ordering it at a shop you are after “Dance” by “Medcab”
    on the Virgin sub-label label “Nebula“. A CD
    single and 2x vinyl 12” are available.

  • October
    DJ Magazine article online

    We have now added the page article on The Young Punx from October’s
    DJ Magazine to the web site here.
    Read all about it

  • October
    “Young and Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery Clinic” web site

    Got a few minutes spare to entertain yourself? You might like
    to check out our new viral website to support the promotion of
    our single “Young and beautiful”. The “Young
    and Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
    ” is a satirical parody
    of plastic surgery web sites (or alternatively the way we wasted
    yesterday afternoon depending on your perspective). Vaguely amusing.

  • September 19th. “Young and Beautiful”
    video now online

    After a couple of weeks editing the Young and Beautiful video
    is now online. Check it out!
    Dig the nurses! Dig the blood! 🙂 Email it to your friends. Post
    it on your blogs! You know the score…

    watch the video

  • August 30th. “Young
    and Beautiful” video shoot

    The Young Punx spent the weekend in a plastic surgery clinic in
    Helsinki filming a video for Young and Beautiful. As shown below,
    this had its perks.

    hear sound clips here.
    watch finished video

  • August 23rd. “Young and Beautiful”
    reviewed on Update Magazine front page

    THE YOUNG PUNX.                 YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL.                 (MOFO HIFI).                 Fresh from turning Delacy’s “Hideaway” on it’s head, & setting                  it up for becoming a huge hit all over again, The Young Punx are                  firing on all cylinders, with the debut release on the very promising                  new label Mofo Hifi. “Young And Beautiful” opens with some twisted                  purple chords, before the Moroder-ish bassline takes it up another                  level, then in comes the vocal “She’s young & beautiful & says                  she’s a natural, she’s young & beautiful but not quite natural”,                  then bursts into a bridge & chorus worthy of the Scissor Sisters.                  On the flip Laurent Konrad turns in a bleeptastic, electro tinged,                  bass rumbling stomper, with adrenalin pumping choruses & a totally                  twisted breakdown. This could quite easily go all the way.                  DEAN THATCHER

    hear sound clips here.

  • August 2nd. Electro Drum and Bass
    Though we are best known currently for our House
    productions, our closer followers will be aware that The Young
    Punx sound embraces a wide range of electronic, rock and pop styles.
    Mashup innit? This week has been a big one for us doing Drum and
    Bass and DnB tempo electronica – firstly having the honour of
    working on 2 new tracks for the forthcoming Young Punx album with
    Electro Drum and Bass god (and 80s style icon) John
    . This enabled me to learn my new Nathan Barley-esque phrase
    of the month “That sounds pimp!”. We’ve also been doing
    a remix for Avex in Japan. Of an Art of Noise cover. By a magician
    (!?) (don’t ask), where they specifically requested our wayward
    punk D’n’B stylings (How about “Punkstep” as a genre
    name? 🙂

  • July 29th. The Daily Star.
    Yup. Getting classier and classier we made it into the Daily Star

    In fact, having been in Popbitch, The Star and the front page
    of Update in one month we must be, like, F-list celebrities by
    now or something…

  • July 22nd.The Young Punx remix of De’lacy
    – Hideaway 2005.
    The Young Punx recently remixed the
    all-time house classic “Hideaway” by De’lacy. Faced with the challenge
    of re-inventing a track so brilliantly mixed by Deep Dish a decade
    earlier, and remixed many times since The Young Punx took the
    radical step of rerecording the track as if it were a live TV
    performance of the track by a motown band in the 1960’s (!) then
    sampling this “vintage record”. With the track already being played
    by Judge Jules, Update magazine writes:


    BUZZ NUMBER 1. DE’LACY ‘Hideaway’ (Slip N Slide)

    Trying to put new life into a classic anthem is always gonna be
    a difficult task, but The Young Punx have pulled it off big time.
    They’ve come up with a whole new angle on Delacy’s “Hideaway”,
    taking it to peak time Big Beat Boutique, having the time of their
    lives, getting up to all sorts of shenanigans and soaking up the
    atmosphere. Then putting the live party vibe on record and creating
    a rip roaring roof raiser. This is set to hit all over again.


    5 dancing men

  • June 1st.OK so we got bored
    over the May bank holiday, and driven mad by the inane
    C-list celebrity driven media
    around us (and the crazy
    frog) we remade Mylo’s “Destroy Rock and Roll”
    using the names of celebrities dominating the UK media instead
    of the original list of 80s pop stars. Then, getting carried away
    we made a video for it. The resulting carnage is here.
  • (update… this got major attention via Popbitch and 20,000 downloads
    in July!)

  • May. Watch out for the new
    track “i’ll be there” by french house artist
    Muttonheads. It’s high quality pumping electro
    house with 80s samples, but rather more classy sounding than many
    of the post-“Call on me” 80s sampling pop dance around recently.
    With great remixes from Raul Rincon and… of
    course… The Young Punx. [ buy
    or listen at Juno
  • March
    . HOT TRACK ALERT. Watch out for a great new
    track we’ve been involved in recently – Dance
    by Medcab
    . This track is a reworking of the 1980s punk
    funk classic by ESG
    (which might be familiar to those of you
    in the UK who have seen the current Toyota Verso car advert with
    the dancing surfers, or heard Jo Whiley play it on radio one recently).
    There are quite a few great remixes around on a breaks disk and
    a house disk including a Young Punx remix. Find out more about
    this project on the Heavy
    Disco web site
  • February
    Hey there. Sorry we haven’t done a news page
    update for ages. We’ve been really busy, but – hey – that means
    that there are lots of records around now. Mainly a whole pile
    of young punx remixes. And you want to know about them don’t you???

    HAL – “Creation”

    This is Hal from The Young Punx’ debut single on Kickin records.
    Big uplifting haunting house. Buzz charted, several plays from
    Judge Jules on Radio One.

    More info at

    Buy at


    Summer filter house sounding something like Tim Deluxe “it
    just won’t do” and Stardust “Music Sounds Better with
    You”. Plays from Tong and Jules.

    More info at

    Buy at

    Or if you want CD on this compilation


    Yup – the post “call on me” 80s pop + house free for
    all continues with this classic 80s reworking. The Young Punx
    are on the remix adding lots of retro 80s flavour. Available
    on CD
    and 12″


    Xpansions’ rave classic “Move your body” revisited
    in a big Daft Punky way. The Young Punx remix is becoming the
    lead mix for this track. Very upfront and almost impossible
    to find, but very hyped with Tong plays, buzz chart etc. Great
    Hoxton Whores mix on there too. (PS the artist for this track
    was formerly known as “Headstrong” but they changed it recently)


  • September
    . Today sees the release of the awesome “French
    style” vocal house track – Slip Away by
    Mohito feat. Howard Jones. on UMM records. This
    track is a collaboration between The Young Punx, husky voiced
    soul singer “Busk” and eighties icon
    Howard Jones, with house god Steve Angello
    on remix duties. Lots of play from Fergie on BBC Radio One. Buy
    it now! [buy
    from Amato
    ] [buy
    from Juno

  • September
    . The Young Punx at number one!
    Well OK – not quite… But Hal from The Young Punx does play the
    keyboards on eric Prydz’s UK number 1 smash “Call on me”. So,
    you know, nearly 🙂

  • September
    . The Young Punx have completed a great new remix
    for Kickin records / Slip n Slide for their track “Whatever
    by Azido ba Bass (under the name “Phunk
    “). The result sounds a bit like the mutant love
    child of Stardust “Music sounds better with you” and Tim Deluxe’s
    “It just won’t do”. It sounds like a club smash whatever!

  • August.
    If you are in the UK and have been watching the European cup you
    will be sure to have seen the latest Nike Football TV
    featuring Thierry Henri playing football through
    his house. The music for this track is a mambo by bar breaks artists
    Skeewiff” from their album “its all gone…”.
    The Young Punx were commissioned to do a club remix
    of this track and came up with something halfway between breaks
    and house that Streetwise Records described as sounding like “a
    70’s porn track mixed in with Mr Oizo”. It can be a little hard
    to track down but it is billed (somewhat inaccurately) as “Big
    Les vs The Young Punx” and you might be able to track
    it down online

  • July
    The Young Punx have now launched their fresh new Breakbeat
    record label “Heavy Disco“.

    The debut release is a killer EP of Finnish breaks including tracks
    by LBJ and Infekto. Check
    out the Heavy Disco website

  • 15th
    Punx Get Loose” is released
    in the UK (and on export from the UK) on July 12th, on Mondo records
    cat: MND016, distributed by Amato. Order it from your local store
    now! Or
    buy it online

  • 1st
    Judge Jules plays “Punx get
    loose” second track on his primetime BBC Radio One show. (Note
    – And continues to play it prominantly for 6 weeks)

  • 19th
    Great Review in DJ Mag this month : The
    Young Punx. Got Your Number (Breaks Mixes) **** Not sure if this
    is a bootleg or not, but hold on, it isn’t another rip-off of
    a classic track. Instead they’ve sampled those 118 ads and I like
    it. I first heard Distortionz playing it on his popular Friday
    night show. Rising horns and strings build throughout
    the intro. Old blaxploitation wagga-wagga guitars lead funkily
    into a bassline groove that I want to describe as “pleasant”,
    but that sounds like a cuss in this age of topsy-turvy adjectives,
    so maybe describing it as “fucking pleasant” is doing the tune
    more of a service. Original breakbeat was all about horn sections
    and tight wagga-wagga- guitars, and it’s refreshing to see that
    formula in use again on the bassline breaks scene. Colourful,
    fresh and fucking dressed to impress. (Ollywood) DJ Magazine.
    No61 / Vol3 19 Mar – 1 Apr 04 / page 80.

  • 8th
    Oooh. Lots of things. Firstly our new track
    “Punx Get Loose” will be released over the next couple of months
    on Mondo records. Look out for promos around now! Also we have
    some Radio One and XFm guest mixes incoming on the 4th and 11th
    of April. Plus, Hal has been over in Finland doing a little work
    with Helsinki Breaks master LBJ (Botchit Breaks records). Busy

  • 17th
    The Young Punx are currently working on remixes
    for Darren Tate/GD and a storming new track by 80s icon Howard

  • 5th
    The Young Punx voted by Radio One listeners
    as one of the two best Bootleg remixers of 2003, togther with
    Adam Freeland. [visit
    Annie Nightingale awards on the Radio 1 web site


  • 13th
    Judge Jules includes an excerpt from The Young
    Punx live DJ set on his radio one show. He called it “Chemical
    Brothers vs Motorcycle” though the keen eared amongst you may
    also have spotted Radiohead, Bjork, Vigi and Zero, Phat Conductor
    and Joe Smooth in the mix too!

  • 26th
    We DJ at the Radiohead aftershow party in Earl’s
    Court tonight. Also look out for our DJ set at 8pm on Sunday 29th
    on XFM

  • 2nd
    Wooo. Hurray. We were worried that The Number 118118
    might try and stomp on our track “Got Your Number” for ripping
    off their TV adverts, but it turns out they really like it and
    are letting us get on with it without interfering. They have even
    done a last minute edit to their latest advert to include a snippet
    of the track! Cool. Meanwhile all of our first run of white labels
    sold out in two days! There’s another run being made now…

  • 15th
    “Got your number” rises to number 8 in the Buzz
    chart too.

  • 15th
    “Got your number” enters the UK Buzz chart at 18
    and Coolcuts chart at 8.

  • 22nd
    Ali B flags The Young Punx breaks mix of Stand
    Back by Linus Loves as a future floor filler.

  • 22nd
    Good radio play this week from Annie Nightingale,
    James Hymen (Mash up, Look sharp) and Judge Jules (Got your number).

  • 6th
    The Young Punx working on new remix of Linus
    Loves – “Stand Back” for Ministry of Sound.

  • 25th
    DJ Magazine writes – “Another name to watch is
    THE YOUNG PUNX. Already scoring points for their breaks cut-up
    on “The Matrix Rebooted”, they wear a different hat on “Dance
    with someone else”. It’ 80s pop and a lyrical hook from Madonna’s
    ‘Get into the groove’ that gets a twisted, almost Gallic sounding
    musical bed. One spin and this peak time crowd pleaser will have
    the floor heaving.”

  • 5th
    Judge Jules opens his Radio 1 show with “Dance
    with someone else” and orders further copies to keep in Ibiza.

  • 1st
    The Young Punx number 14 in the Buzz chart and
    number 20 in the Coolcuts chart

  • 1st
    “Dance with someone else” being played by Seb Fontaine,
    Annie Nightingale, Ali B, XFM, Ric Groves, Nic Fanciulli and more…

  • 9th
    The Matrix Rebooted in Unique’s 8 biggest sellers/restocks
    for the week.

  • 5th
    10 Sui reviews The
    Matrix Rebooted
    for iDJ magazine: “a bull dog bass line
    and funky snares … tears out a few brain cells and replaces
    them with Morpheus hypnosis. CHOON.”

  • 18th
    Annie Nightingale plays The
    Matrix Rebooted
    on her Radio 1 show. [track

  • June.
    Summer migrations of giant electric jellyfish disrupt power supplies
    at The Young Punx sub-atlantic lair, causing delays to remix work.

  • May/June.
    The Young Punx are number 1 in the UK
    and Drum
    and Bass chart

  • 8th
    May. LiquidX opens his set at Essential, Brussels with
    The Matrix Rebooted.

  • 6th
    DJ Jurassik plays “The
    Matrix Rebooted
    ” in the streets of Shoreditch out of the back
    of the Fuel sports car that has been converted to be a massive
    portable sound rig with decks! Excellent!. [photograph]

  • 2nd
    XFM play The Young Punx’s mix of Electric Six’s
    “gay bar”. (update – they are still playing it, and have been
    playing “The Matrix Rebooted” and “Wake up, make up, bring it
    up, shake up” too)

  • March.
    The Young Punx are created in a freakish GM experiment by mad
    scientists working outside of international law in their sub-atlantic
    lair. The 2 infants’ hearts were in synch at exactly 130bpm. Punx
    1’s first word was, conventionally enough, ‘Papa’, though Punx
    2 immediately answered with “don’t preach – I’m in trouble deep”
    put through some wierd kind of filter and echo.